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  About the artist:



Years ago when I was in art school, I was told by my professors that in order to be a real artist that I would have to give up everything else in this world to pursue my passion. You know, live in a garret, never marry or have children, never work a 9-5 job. Well, I didn't want that kind of lifestyle. I felt that living a full busy life would be beneficial to my growth as an artist. So I married, worked (teaching art), and had two children. Through all of life's ups and downs I continued to work as an artist/potter. Although it wasn't always easy, my artwork was also my refuge. It enabled me to see life and yes-even laugh at situations that might otherwise make you cry.

There are still many trials. Like when a glaze doesn't work out and ruins a piece that I've been working months on, or something cracks or falls over in a glaze firing. When these things happen, I often feel a little sick and need to take some time away from my studio work. In the end, I find myself drawn back to my work.

Sometimes, I'm not sure how all of the different things that I do relate to my artwork, but at some point I know that I'll see a connection. I love to garden, and often I'll get ideas for forms from pods that are growing, or I might see a branch that would work well with a pot that has been formulating in my mind. Most recently, I've been doing a lot of knitting. It seemed so unrelated to my work in the studio and I was having a difficult time justifying the amount of time that I was spending on knitting. After a while, I started using some knitted pieces pressed into my clay pots, then I started adding some actual knit pieces to the pots. One thing led to another and potting and knitting started to work together.

I'm very thankful for all of the unexpected but wonderful influences on my work. My husband and children sometimes provide wonderful insights and comments, as well as love and support. They have made me understand that the path that I chose to take was the right one for me, and I hope to continue to be the type of artist and person who is not afraid to see where life might lead.

Gable Young