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Gable Young's Clayworks is a pottery studio located in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. I am an artist potter who graduated from The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia as a painting major. It wasn't until after graduation that I found myself drawn to clay. While teaching high school and middle school art in center city Philadelphia I was convinced that a clay experience would be beneficial for many of my students. I then took a class on pottery at the arts league in West Philadelphia. Once my hands touched the clay there was no turning back.

Today, I work out of the barn behind my house. I am best known for nature inspired pieces. The pottery is fired in an 18 cubic foot gas kiln, at cone 6 (approx. 2,320 degrees) in a reduction firing. For me, the experimentation with glazes and firings to perfect my techniques is a continual process.

I am drawn to clay because it offers me so many avenues for growth and experimentation. To be a potter, one has to be part chemist, part artist, part inventor, and part laborer.